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 unnamed-7TUESDAYS 8:10pm – 9:30pm six week series – emersion

   *OPEN LEVEL* Tribal Fusion Belly Dance: Salt City Studio  1321 East 3300 South SLC, UT 84106 

SIGN UP HERE for the full six weeks or  $18 DROP IN’S exact cash before class begins please. & thank you.
WHAT TO EXPECT: In this series we delve deep into the womb – core of the body, by balance something precious on the crown of the head.  Learn the quickest, funnest and fastest way to move from your power center. Nothing snaps you into trusting your body quicker than being in danger of dropping that precious – dangerous item to the ground.  Absolutely one of my favorite ways to train snake charming is by balancing the basket full of snakes on the head.

This series is going to push you, make you laugh, sweat, grow and wiggle on out of your tight little shell of a box.  Think BIG, BOLD AND BRASSY … dancing to the blues.   Zilling  and drilling is large portion on this series as it will be in all series to come.  We are at the top of a new school year with every six week series is an emersion that will build upon the next.  Get ready to step 100% into yourself through this training.  Delve to the depths for that glow, that high, that only dancing for your tribe will give you.

***  This means, bring something to class that you can balance on your head.  Examples are … a vase, a candle tray, a bowl or pot,  a good heavy book that you love,  etc. etc. get creative and please see the items I posted in gallery for further example.  The object of balance, is a magical tool, we receive higher information through the crown, you get where I am going with this.  Pick your balancing item wisely, like any magical item that speaks to you.  It is important to have a good report with your balancing object of choice.  Please get to know this tool a little before you bring it to class.

*If you opt to bring a dance sword, I ask that you are very familiar dancing with your sword in consideration for the safety of the dancers around you, thank you.


 unnamed-9THURSDAYS 5:45-7PM

“The Remedy” aka Vinyasa Restore  *OPEN LEVEL* 21st Yoga 2065 E. 2100 S. SLC UT. 

This class is designed  to slowly stretch the muscle in a relaxed state of being.  Take the rush out of getting there and enjoy the ease in your efforts.  Find your natural state of being which is BLISS,   this class will take you there.   Move through your muscle system as well as your parasympathetic nervous system.   You might push yourself enough in life, take the time to feel good.  Move that stagnant energy, anxiety or anger and just take it easy.




unnamed-11SUNDAYS 11:45 AM  -1PM *Core & Restore

21st Yoga 2065 E. 2100 S. SLC UT. 

A fine tuning class for body, mind and spirit.  This class  begins on the floor, grounding and connecting to earth.  Slowing the internal dialog and  connecting to center.  Clearing the mind for mental clarity is the key to this practice.  We then move into a slow meditative flow still grounding physical and mental energetics.  Next, we move into the heat of our center.  Stoking the fires of the core through breath and asana to deeply burn off impurities and toxins. Experiencing the true heat of our center and opening up to the next level of self.  At this point we experience apex poses that will challenge you and move you forward mentally and physically.  It is after this point, the body in now ready to slip into a deep restorative  process.  Coming out of the transformative fires, we slowly slip into the cool pools of  restore. The body can now deeply repair after being heated up to a level of opening ing.  The muscle and fascia can now releases around the structures we create with the bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps.  These  specific yoga props are essential to this format (feel free to bring a towel to this class).  Taking  “the back pack of stress” off the body,  the mind and muscle can now let go of what it is holding.   It is in the surrender to the self, where we find the deepest repair for mind, body and spirit.  I hope you will enjoy this format as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

unnamedSUNDAYS 4pm – 5:15pm Aroma * Restore

21st Yoga 2065 E. 2100 S. SLC UT. 

Rebuild, reboot, restore, revitalize. The main philosophy of Restorative Yoga is that by relaxing in poses, with the aid of props, without strain or pain, we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  Adding aroma therapy to the mix takes us to a whole new level or restoration and relaxation.  Trisha uses only the best of organic  blends that she creates herself for this class.

Our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated when we relax into poses, which promotes a relaxation response and reduces stress in our bodies. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for slowing your heart rate and breath and increasing blood flow to your vital organs, among other things.

The goal is to combat the physical and mental effects of everyday stress and ease common ailments such as headaches, backaches, anxiety, and insomnia with the use of restful poses and deep breathing techniques. EVERYONE benefits greatly form a restorative practice.