unnamedTrisha will be teaching two workshops at this years  *SOLD OUT*  Spirit Weavers Gathering

“The Temple Body” a signature workshop #1

“The Temple Body” a signature workshop #1

“The Temple Body” is a philosophy and a practice.  This is how “we” honor and empower the female.  Through this dance and asana practice we raise our vibration to a whole new height.   The *Shakti circuit is the bedrock of this practice.

The womb, our creative center,  “the manifestation station”. Truly living within the pelvic floor for this work, gives you direct access to higher sourced feminine knowledge, and endless vitality.

Moving stagnant energies out the womb through this dance, is the first mode of operation in this workshop. The key is celebrating this action through ecstatic belly dance, and to shed the “pain body”.  Leaving lower vibrations at the door, so we may enter our higher self through our “temple body”.

Within this workshop you will be introduced to your temple body by creating sacred space through ritual movement and intention.  By tapping into Shakti we move together into the energy of pure potential. This is a celebration, and is honored as such.   By celebrating each other within this dance, we weave a network of palpable support and physical trust to rewire and dissolve the pain body.

You will leave this workshop feeling lighter, uplifted, celebrated, and connected to  Shakti, the Devine infinite source that plugs you into the power within.

Details on workshop #2 TBA