Triple Moon Tribe is a professional bellydance troupe under the direction of Trisha McBride. The saying in this troupe goes, “… dance hard, play hard, laugh your ass off, don’t take yourself too seriously & know your tribe.”

unnamed Mandy Williams:  a lifelong dance student, performer, and teacher. Mandy has studied several different styles of belly dance, including cabaret, folkloric, American Tribal Style, and tribal fusion. No doubt, Trisha’s right hand in all projects of troupe and tribe nature. Dance Captain of Triple Moon Tribe and co director of student troupe, Bella La Luna. Mandy is a powerful,  seasoned professional dancer and has been studying with Trisha since 2010. Mandy is a superb technician in several dance forms.



photo by: Weston Hall


unnamed copyTeena Alldredge aka Teeny:  Armchair Archaeologist, Snake Charmer in Training, an Ailurophile, and Future Crazy Cat Lady.  Teeny is the TMT’s (Triple Moon Tribe’s) secret weapon, a full on James Bond Girl, a kitten with a whip.  You get the point,   silent but deadly.  She is also a Triple Moon veteran. Teena has studied with Trisha since 2012.   She is wicked smart and a true talent on the dance floor.


This photo is a Teeny selfie, taken at the debut of “Return of The Bacchae” performance Summer of 2013, for Craft Lake City. Yes that is mud and blood on her face.



Kellie Keough Ostler, aka Kell Dog: A Shakti surge of pure love and light.  Her laugh and personality is infectious, she lights up any room she walks into. Kellie dances from the heart and brings down the house with her gorgeous smile.  She is highly flirtatious on stage,  watch out for this one, she’s a firecracker.






unnamedJennifer Long- Pratt:  a seasoned performer, choreographer, and director of  Troupe Tarab.   She dances with grace,  like grace is her best friend.  This woman is always a lady and a quick study, we are lucky to have her aboard the Triple Moon Star Ship.




photo by: Gentle Assasan


unnamed-1Genevieve Bryan: is SHARP in every sense of the word.  From  her dance skills, to the way she paints her stunning face,  to the way her brain functions. The woman is sharp.  She is also the newest addition to the Tribe.  A 1,000 hour yoga certified instructor and a bombing graphic designer. A triple threat, brains, looks and heart !  … just wait till you see her perform.