unnamed-14This Full Moon Retreat, is now in its 5th annual year.  It has had time to maturate, truly develop and become a fully realized, mastered international retreat over this most important gustation period.  We return every year to a paradise that now feel is like home.  The Iguana Lodge, is an incredible eco resort hidden away in the lush, green, anahata chakra of the jungle. This breath taking yoga retreat center is located on a private beach named Playa Presciosa in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica.  This unique yoga and dance retreat under the full moon, is deeply steeped in healing and empowering modalities such as yoga, dance, meditation, and ritual.  Through working in conjunction with nature, astrology, movement, stillness and the cultivation of spirit we deeply shift. What this means to our attendees is a well managed, safe, magical space to truly open up and shift within.  Being able to feel safe and the ability to relax and let go is key on international retreats.  It is my purest pleasure that I present to you, yet another exquisite journey into the jungle. A launch party per say, into your new year, clear, focused, nourished, grounded, fueled by your dreams, empowered and fully geared to enter into your new year at your highest potential.


1. Trisha McBride www.trishamcbride.com *creator*

2. Tiare Tashnick Nevada City, CA  *guest instructor* www.nagasita.com www.arcustenebrae.com 

3.  Shine Blackhawck Brooklyn, NY *guest instructor* 

4. David B Moench Haiku, Hawaii *guest instructor*

5. Alyssa Kriss, Salt Lake City, UT *guest instructor* 

6. Alicia Thompson, Salt Lake City UT *guest instructor* 

During the last retreat there was a call for “more” … more dance, more ritual, more magic.  That call was felt, heard and is now being applied to the curriculum for 2018’s Full Moon Retreat. Welcome to “The Alchemists Atelier” …  there will be a total lunar eclipse taking place on January 31st’s  full moon.  This is an auspicious time to be on retreat within your deepest work.  The Full Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31 2018 is in ~ 11° Leo 37′.  A Lunar Eclipse is a super, amplified version of a full Moon. It will do a great job of purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher selves. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues within our primary relationships that have been festering there since the previous Solar Eclipse. With the Lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the Sun and the moon.  This means our work is going to be amplified 10 fold and the cirruclum being written will support this work in depth.   As the love for tradition dictates we will gather once again in all white under the full moon + lunar eclipse to fully bloom and and take in the moon and the personal applications our higher self is calling for.


Fourth annual Full Moon Yoga+Dance Retreat January, 8th – 14th 2017

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Join Trisha McBride and James Hardy under the first full moon of the new year in the paradise of Costa Rica.  This unique yoga and dance retreat is in its fourth year.   We will return once again to the epic Iguana Lodge resort, nestled on the shores of Playa Presciosa, a private beach in Puerto Jimenez.  Here you will find this lodge in all of its radiant glory.  An incredible, open air, double teared yoga deck beckons you to your daily practice.  Below, a salt water pool and hot tub invite you to soothe your mind and body.  A little more than twenty paces away, a pristine, private beach front with sea water registering at a warm 82 degrees awaits your arrival.  Welcome to our Full Moon Retreat, Costa Rica 2017!

While on retreat, you will be taking specific workshops with Trisha and James daily.  Through their signature offerings designed to open, release, strengthen, repair and tone, you will begin to detox and let go of what you are holding onto emotionally and physically that is no longer serving you; preparing room for the best you yet to emerge in 2017.  Our collective goal is to wake our true hearts desires and to live the lives we have always dreamt of, and are now ready for.  This is a sacred journey into the jungle that attracts loving, kind souls, that arrive to support each other through this work.  Just by showing up and being you, this sacred work begins.  You will experience being nurtured by the epic prana in the jungle that surrounds us.  This journey is about raising our personal and collective vibration together.   While in the heart of this sacred, collective magic, we will gather in ritual ceremony on the beach around a high, burning bonfire under the first full moon of 2017.  We will launch into the new year grounded in our highest selves.  As is the saying of Costa Rica, Pura Vida!



NEW MOON WOMEN’S WEEKEND RETREAT *SOLD OUT* Lava Hot Springs ID. September 30th – October 2nd 2016

This New Moon Retreat is designed for women who are looking for a quick,  yet deeply rejuvenating and entirely magical weekend gathering.   Some of us cant not escape our busy lifestyles for an entire week for a much deserved and needed retreat.  A week can be an long time to step away from our job hours and family responsibilities.   Hence the creation of this deeply rejuvenating, fun filled weekend getaway with the ladies in the healing hot spring of Idaho.

We will be gathering under the new moon on Friday, September 30th 2016.  To set and amplify our new moon intentions together, for an abundant harvest season.  Workshops will consist of yoga, restorative yoga, belly dance workshops, hip opening workshop, herbal craft workshop, crochet sweater workshop.  We will be mentally and physically preparing for the approaching winter months through these practices. We will have discussions and share ideas on how to cultivate our healthiest, happiest harvest season yet.  There will be lots of time to lounge and float in the private hot spring pool just outside the front door of our home for the weekend.   Please note that if you do not want to attend all of the workshops and would like more time in reflection while relaxing in the pool this is very much your time to do what you feel. This is a feel good, repair and do what you want retreat.



“Set Sail & Surrender 2016”  Full Moon Yoga – Dance Retreat, third of its kind held at the Iguana Lodge in Puerto Jiminez, Costa Rica.  JANUARY 23rd – 29th 2016.  Trisha McBride and Sibyl Buck bring you “the balance,”  their signature offerings in paradise this  year.  Set Sail and Surrender is a unique Yoga & Dance Retreat, set over the first full moon of the new year.   A healing, nourishing activated retreat, that consists of restorative yoga, belly dance, meditation, shakti belly dance, active yoga, pranayama and so much more.    Set deep within the heart of the jungle of Costa Rica, our retreat center is lushly forested, and right on a pristine cove of gentle, yet lively waves of 80 degree water.

Sail and Surrender - Front

Experience glorious feasts of local produce and delicious spicing with vegetarian and meat, or fish options.  You will be lulled to sleep, listening to the sounds of the waves, and wake to the wildlife calling from outside your window.   Trisha and Sibyl, are now on the horizon of their third retreat.  Take time out of your busy schedule to experience, and truly listen to the voice of your higher self.  To create the life that you wish to live.  Making memories of a  lifetime.  Fostering new, and old connections, creating friendships on a higher plane of existence.  Paradise is not lost, set sail and surrender to it.  We are learning to bring paradise back with us and weave it into our every day lives.


10433099_10152516833457430_3082365552949226522_n“Set Sail Surrender 2015”  Full Moon Yoga – Dance Retreat,  second of its kind held at the Iguana Lodge in Puerto Jiminez, Costa Rica.  Many thanks to all that made this retreat so magical.



“Wake Your Dreams Retreat 2014”  Was the first full moon yoga-dance retreat of its kind.  Created by Trisha and  held in Danyasa Studio Dominical,  Costa Rica.  This was the retreat that started it all and it is truly living up to its name.