*SOLD OUT* THE LOTUS TEMPLE: A Six Week Chakra Healing Dance & Yoga Series

$68.00 not inc. tax


WHEN: Thursdays, staring October 1st – November 5th 2015 8:350m -10pm

WHERE: Centered City Yoga 926 E. 900 S. SLC, UT

HOW MUCH: $68- for all 6 workshops

WHAT TO EXPECT: All dance & yoga levels welcome.  Get ready to dive into each and every chakra with specific yoga & dance poses designed to target the mainframe of  these power centers in your body.  Learn the mudras that attune to each chakra.  You can also expect to get into some trance chanting and breath work within this series.  Step into this extraordinary process of healing as we discover the lotus temple within.


There is no greater way to jump start this fall season, than to spend quality time within ones self as we surge through waking, fine tuning, resetting, opening and balancing our chakras. Feeling run down? un motivated? even bored? its time to super charge your system. Please join me in Earth Studio as we dig deep into our roots to connect and ground our energetics. Activating Shakti to stir and light up each chakra. This series is about bringing great change as we shift with the season. Discover the healing powers of working IN DEPTH within each chakra.