Set Sail & Surrender Retreat Deposit for 2016

$525.00 not inc. tax


Secure your spot for our third annual activated full moon, yoga and dance retreat. Set Sail & Surrender is hosted by teachers Trisha McBride and Sibyl Buck.  Save the dates for January 23rd through the 29th of 2016 for this most positive, life changing retreat.  Join us at the epic Iguana Loge, located in the breath taking Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica for a highly elevating experience.  Over our week in paradise, we will cultivate magic under the full moon, harnessing our strengths, while surrendering to the heart beat of the jungle and discovering our true tribal nature.  Sharpening the tools we need, to move forward, onward and upward towards our highest goals.   In support of  the individual journey and the collective journey, we elevate to yet a higher vibration setting a STRONG positive tone for our new year.  Calling in our ancestors and guides to assist in carving out our path clean and clear.  We surrender to our highest self to lead the way… forward, onward and upward.

After your deposit is made, you will receive an email asking if you would like to secure one of the following rooms.

Early Bird Special BEFORE October 1st, 2015
$1,450 * shared club room
 $2,050 * shared bath casita
 $2,300 * private bath casita
Our full moon celebration will be on the night of the 23rd, the night we arrive.  Please feel free to wear all white, this is our annual tradition, along with a bonfire on the beach.

Book flights:

ONE VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL IS TO BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS TO ARRIVE IN SAN JOSE BY 12:30PM ON JANUARY 23rd, AND LEAVING SAN JOSE NO EARLIER THAN NOON, 12PM,  JANUARY 29th, so that you can make the hopper plane going to and from Puerto Jiminez from San Jose.  Once you have booked your flights, please contact Maxine at and she will help you book the connecting shuttle flight. Maxine recommends booking flights at least three months in advance in order to be sure you get a seat on the hopper plane.

Select housing:

All prices are for two people sharing a room.  If you prefer a room alone, or to share with two others, please inquire for pricing and logistics.  All housing can be viewed at the Iguana Lodge website


Private room, private bath, with two single beds

Double occupancy per person: $1550


The shared bathroom casitas are two story units with a bedroom on each floor and ONE bathroom on the ground floor for both bedrooms to share.  Each of the two bedrooms has one queen and one single with optional second single bed if desired, so the bath could be shared by as many as 6 people.

One other option at this price point are the two bedrooms, which also share a bath, on the second floor of the Beach House, which is a three story house.  The bottom floor has a living room and little kitchen, the second floor has two bedrooms which share a bathroom, and the top floor is a bedroom with private bath, already reserved.

Double occupancy per person: $2150


The private bath casitas are two story bamboo cottages with a bedroom and a bathroom on each floor.

Double occupancy per person: $2350


Club room double occupancy: $1450

Shared bath casita double occupancy: $2050

Private bath casita: $2300

Those prices are all inclusive for meals, classes, lodging, and shuttle to and from the airport, but don’t include air fare to Puerto Jiminez, which is a smaller airport and requires a shuttle plane from San Jose. Please be sure to book your shuttle flights with Maxine!  She is there to help you make the best connection, so as soon as you have booked your flights to San Jose, email Maxine at She is very helpful and friendly!

The club house is a big house with a wrap around porch on the second floor which overlooks the ocean and a huge manicured lawn. There is a restaurant and bar on the ground floor, with the rooms on the second floor. There is a public restaurant downstairs, so there may be noise including music and voices in the evening. Trisha and I stayed in a club room when we were there, and it was cleared out after about 9pm.  The decor of the club rooms is a little like a nice hotel; very pleasant and tastefully done with lovely linens, and they even provide a sarong to wear 🙂

The casitas are into the jungle by about 100-150 feet from the club house, and closer to where we will have meals and classes.  The rooms are larger, laid out with ample space for sharing, and are so quaint and just what you imagine when you think of a jungle casita, with lush foliage on every side, and screened windows all around.  There are casita rooms with private bath, or with shared bath.

All options can be viewed at

Feel free to contact us with any further questions regarding housing or any other aspect of the retreat. Also, please forward this info to anyone who you know is considering coming. This year we reserved the ENTIRE RESORT, so we can create our own tiny village vibration.

With so much love and eager openness to know our hearts in the jungle once more!

love Sibyl & Trisha


Set Sail and Surrender 2016 is a yoga and dance retreat, held in the bosom of Mother Nature, at the Iguana Lodge 10 minutes from the Puerto Jiminez airport on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. This retreat is designed to empower, nourish and liberate you mind, body and soul.  Sibyl and Trisha have known each other since another lifetime ago when they played in a band in Brooklyn and the lower east side of Manhattan. They have each since gained years of yoga teaching experience, and have formed a teaching partnership based on the principles of the Shiva & Shakti balance.  Together they’ve taught in Costa Rica, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Mendocino, at the Spiritweavers Gathering.  Both committed to their practice, and to learning from each other, these gemini sisters are built to bring you a well rounded brilliant balance of pure movement bliss.

Sibyl’s pace is slow and steady, with Hatha and restorative yoga classes at the center of her teaching. She has just finished her year-long certificate program in Yoga Therapy at the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and is dedicated to the therapeutic application of yoga. Sibyl’s classes tend to be detail oriented, whether pertaining to the refinement of the body’s alignment during active yoga, or to the descriptive path she leads students in guided meditation during restorative yoga.

Trisha is a master of energy churning, and whips up a storm in her fusion belly dance/yoga flow classes.  Building the energy high in her format as the groups raises their vibrations together.  Bringing in the ability to break through our walls of illusions and push past our self made cages.  A truly transformative journey within the landscape of the jungle. Calling back our primal instincts as we peel back our walls of defense and city skin. Trisha inspires novice and experienced dancers alike to join in a full body celebration of dance and yoga. Expect to find yourself laughing off any self-consciousness as you move in ways you didn’t know you could!

Sibyl and Trisha’s energies and styles complement and balance each other to provide a full spectrum experience, aimed at dislodging any stubborn blockages, while helping you reclaim your power so you can live the best 2016 possible. Join us for a life changing week in paradise!