Move Like Water: A 6 weeks Series *SOLD OUT*

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WHEN:  Thursdays April 2nd – May 7th 8:35-10pm

WHERE:  CENTERED CITY YOGA, Earth Studio:  926 E. 900 S. Salt Lake City, UT.

WHAT TO EXPECT:   Learn a newly inspired choreography, designed to teach you the grace and joy of fluidity.  Learn the muscle control needed to move like you are dancing under water.  A tool every dancer should have in her pocket, is the ability to slooooow down and move with the grace and ease of the water element.  Expect high energy drills, that will help you gain the strength to slow it all down, for a beautiful fluid execution in every move.  We will be partnering up in this series so if you have a friend you wold like to dance with, buddy up.  If you are coming alone, I can’t think of a better to make new friends.

WHAT TO BRING:  A yoga mat, if you do not have one, one will be provided for you.  A flowing veil and a friend if you would like.  A bottle of water, a thirst for the dance, and open heart and mind.

**Image be the brilliant photographer: Zena Holloway