Balance *That* A Six Week Series Sept.12th – Oct.17th

$78.00 not inc. tax


WHEN: Every Tuesday Night  starting September 12th  8:10pm – 9:30pm through October 17h 2017

WHERE: SALT CITY STUDIO 1321 E. 3300 S. sutie 6  (Shahravar’s studio)

HOW MUCH: $78 pre-sale $90 day of … drops ins will be available for $18- IF the series is not sold out
WHAT TO EXPECT: In this series we delve deep into the womb – core of the body, by balancing something precious on the crown of the head. An ancient expression of belly dance and a powerful technique.  Learn the quickest, funnest and fastest way to move from your power center. Nothing snaps you into trusting your body quicker than being in danger of dropping that precious – dangerous item to the ground.  Absolutely one of my favorite ways to train snake charming, is by balancing the basket full of snakes on the head.

This series is going to push you, make you laugh, sweat, grow and wiggle on out of your tight little shell of a box.  Think BIG, BOLD, BRASSY and all the class.   Zilling and drilling is a large portion on this series as it will be in all series to come.

We are at the top of a new school year with every six week series is an emersion that will build upon the next.  Get ready to step 100% into yourself through this training.  Delve to the depths for that glow, that high, that only dancing for yourself and for your tribe can give you #weliketodanceforeachother

***  This means, bring something to class that you can balance on your head.  Examples are … a vase, candle tray, bowl or pot,  a good heavy book that you love,  etc. etc. get creative and please see the items I posted in gallery for further example.  The object of balance, is a magical tool, we receive higher information through the crown, you get where I am going with this.  Pick your balancing object wisely.  It is important to have a good report with your balancing object of choice.  Please get to know this tool a little before you bring it to class. Also a good tip for learning how to to balance is wearing a head band or a scarf, to do so.   It works like a charm and also cushions the top of the head until you are use to the weight and sensation of something balancing there.

*If you opt to bring a dance sword, I ask that you are very familiar dancing with your sword in consideration for the safety of the dancers around you, thank you.


WHAT ElSE TO BRING:  WATER,  AND A PAIR OF ZILLS please !!!  to purchase a pair of zills check out Belly Dancing by Thia  3345 S 300 W #A4, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 phone (801) 466-4337 check out the link to find out when she is open usually 4-7pm on weekdays 🙂 


*** a big SHOUT OUT to my lady Layla Isis !! one of my favorite dancers based in New York.  She is the beauty with the candle tray on her gorgeous head.  And one divine pro of a balancing act.  Check her out here and on the FB.