Trisha has developed Triluna as a lifestyle philosophy.  The philosophy in a nutshell is to subtly yet effectively create ritual in your life everyday.  Creating ritual in your life creates harmony in your world,  when your world is harmonious everyone around you feels better right ?  Living artfully, mindfully and respectfully is the idea.  This is a loving and powerful way to live.

It’s a very simple formula … create more magic in your life by bringing ritual into your world everyday.   Ahhhh yes ! lets get back to our roots as indigenous people and start simplifying our modern lifestyles.  Less stress, more ritual.   From rising and saluting the sun in yoga, to adorning your body with pure products and dressing in mindful apparel.

Hence the products we make  … auric sprays to reset and clear your energetic field.   Organic body balms and salves to feed and nourish your skin these are just a few of the many plant based healing apothecary products we make.   Then there is the clothing !!! From traditional and modern ritual robes to our brilliant yoga apparel.  ALL handcrafted with the utmost care and mindful awareness.  Love, love, love the skin you are in and treat yourself to well made products. You can rest assured that your hard earned money is going to a small business, with a BIG heart.

Triluna means three moons of course … the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. In a nut shell we are working with goddess energy here under this flag called Triluna.   We are an AWESOME positive, high vibrational company, try us on.