thrgJLguibRUIZHguEVFvf_GfZtGdTAwNaAd2cyFIX0“I’ve been a student of Trisha McBride for several years now. I vividly remember my first class (the beginning of a six week series) with Trisha. I was new to Yoga and I’d never danced before. I was terrified of movement and I was incredibly nervous to start dancing. Little did I know that my world would soon be blown wide open. Trisha’s style of teaching is multifaceted, intuitive, and ever-changing. Her practice evolves with her students and her leadership adapts to their needs from moment to moment. The most advanced students in her classes are always challenged while the novices are never left behind. My feelings of apprehension immediately melted away as she led us with grace, strength, and humor. Despite the accessibility of her classes, I never felt like the instruction was simple. As a student exploring Trisha’s specific type of movement medicine, discipline and a strong foundation were drilled into me from the beginning. The benefits of this instruction transcend mere physicality. Her diverse well of experience incorporates into her teaching a well-rounded mandala of yogic arts to both release energetic congestion and accumulated tensions and create a more clarified inner space. Through her instruction, I learned how to cultivate strength while practicing self-compassion. I can’t say enough about the quality of this education: Trisha is a wonderfully experienced and thoughtful instructor committed to sharing the enjoyment of her practice and provoking inquiry in her students. Her extensive background in dance is apparent in her knowledge and incorporation of many different movement styles into her curriculum. Her integrity and passion for yoga as a physical practice and as a guiding principle for full and authentic living is apparent in the way she holds space in class and honors her students.” Jessica Lynn Henry

S7LM7bcvY7CRrNgS2xw_jNsDC2Dg0JG3uLdTVOoJnww“Trisha McBride has an innate sensitivity to people’s energy and can see people’s spirits bound by their ego.  As my teacher she has made me aware of my proverbial cage. She has held me accountable to be the dancer I asked to be.  She teaches “by example”  to stand tall, follow your dreams, don’t take no for an answer, be original, respect yourself, respect others, live in your strength,  know your tribe, love your dance, human empowerment, speak your mind, have fun, be silly, and how to embrace yourself.  Oh, and she is an incredible dancer!!  She teaches that too.” Kellie Ostler

11001724_10152839462631219_4504322900159006809_n“If you’ve ever seen Trisha McBride perform, then you know better than to expect your typical belly dance experience when you step into her classroom. Trisha’s style of movement is thoroughly modern, but deeply rooted in the ancient traditions surrounding tribal belly dance and yoga. Trisha brings much more to the classroom than just a strong understanding of technique and showmanship. Studying with Trisha is an immersive experience, starting with physical movement and traveling deeply into the self. I have studied with Trisha for 5 years, and I continue to learn and grow in her classes.” Mandy Williams



10366097_10152417100245605_3251296203643682552_nAt 13, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and my spine was fused.  It was always a struggle to maintain posture and walk without extreme tension in my shoulders.

I have been taking private yoga sessions with Trisha McBride for over a year now and what a difference she has made in the way I carry myself!  Pain is not really a word in my vocabulary anymore and my balance, and breath are so much stronger now too.

Trisha’s pricing is very reasonable as well, although, I would pay almost anything for this kind of relief and strength.

Thank you, Trisha, for making my life so much richer!