“I would rather walk the path of the mystics.”


Trisha’s true passion is teaching. It is a way for her to relate to her students and give back, a navigation tool to lead from her heart and learn from others.

  Inspired by myth, nature and the old ways, teaching gives Trisha the opportunity to honor her ancestors and listen to her spirit very closely.

Educated by a host of beautiful souls, Trisha has steeped herself in the movement arts of belly dance, yoga, ritual theatre and several healing modalities over the past two decades.  She lived in San Francisco to study Tribal Belly Dance, Hatha and Restorative Yoga in the the late 90’s. She later moved to New York in 2001 to study, teach, dance, sing and practice yoga.  Shaped by the teachings of Zoo York for eight years, Trisha learned to stay connected to her roots and use the tools of yoga and dance to cope with the stressors of inner-city life.

Returning to her birth place of Salt Lake City, Utah in 2009 she figured it was time to become a certified yoga instructor.  She received her 1000 hr RYT yoga certification from InBody Academy in 2010. Further education includes study of myth and spirituality, with associates degrees in Eastern Philosophy  (Salt Lake Community College) and Mythos -Classics (Hunter College NY, NY.)