Full Moon Retreat 2017 What to Pack and ALL the Extras

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First and foremost THANK YOU, to all of you whom are joining us in paradise for the Full Moon Retreat in Costa Rica.  It is because of you, that this is the fourth retreat of its kind in the beautiful warm waters and breath taking  jungle of Costa Rica.

full-moon-post-card-front   I am forever grateful for this dream that became a reality and I am thrilled to share this magic with all of you.  BIG PROPS to my teaching partner this year, James Hardy. It’s an honor to have him co-hosting with me for 2017.

Here are some ideas on *WHAT TO PACK*

Pack Lightly !  30 pounds is your FREE checked baggage allowance for your international flight. You can have a carry on of 10 more lbs.  Anything over the 30 lb free checked bag fee is a $1 per pound. Here is the link to Sansa’s official 411 on baggage.  dhttp://crc.flysansa.com/en/travel-info/baggage


Hang in there as I rattle on about what to pack.  I am a firm believer that if I am in the right attire, not only will I be extremely comfortable, I know that I will feel amazing while playing in one of my favorite environments.

My favorite textile to pack is cotton.  The humidity level is VERY high, as I am sure you know.  Think breathable flowing cotton in long or short versions. Thai fishermen pants are great to practice in and very comfortable for the forecast of Costa Rica.   ( you will  look like the men in the photos once you wear the magic pants)


Speaking of practice, there are yoga mats provided, so do not pack one (you don’t want dead weight). I do, however, recommend packing a “yoga towel” if you can.  It’s a great way to absorb perspiration and to keep from slipping.


unnamed-6Dinner is always an occasion at Iguana Lodge, so you may want to think about packing a few nicer items to wear to relax in other than just your yoga clothes.

Here are a few more items I would recommend packing …

A)Pack your waterproof sunscreens

B) Sunglasses, especially a pair  you don’t mind scratching


D) Pack a head lamp. We are far from light pollution YAHOOO !!! The moon will be waxing and illuminating our way, yet it can get really dark in the jungle.

E) Flip flops – AND RIVER SHOES (aka Tevas) no one wants to lose their while on the boat or in the jungle.

F) Ear plugs ! It can get loud (ooooooo yeah howler monkeys and tree bombs, I will explain later 😉

G) Got some crystals you want to charge under that first potent full moon of the new year?  BRING EM (keep in mind your 30 lb limit)unnamed-3

H) REMEMBER YOUR WHITE ATTIRE, this is an important aspect to the full moon ritual. Full Schedule TBA

I) Snorkeling gear if you got it and want to maximize our boat party adventure.

J) I enjoy packing a mini drug store because I am a well trained girl scout.  I suggest 1.)Dramamine if you get motion sickness 2.) Benadryl or another antihistamine if you are sensitive to mosquito bites like myself.  3.) Activated Charcoal pills incase your system is sensitive to foreign  bacteria, not usually a problem for most visiting Costa Rica.  I personally never travel without activated charcoal, EVER.  Come see me at Dave’s Health & Nutrition 3900 S. 880 E. for charcoal and other natural supplements if you need them, or want more suggestions.

unnamed-8K)  Pack a camera if you have one.   EVERYTHING is picture perfect.  Photo on the left  was taken by Connie Misket.

The scenery never gets old from sun up to sun down its insane. If you have a water proof camera or a go pro, even better.

L) MAKE COPIES OF YOUR PASSPORT ! Ask Alyssa, (our beautiful retreat assistant)  about this.  She can attest first hand why you want to have copies of your passport on hand.  us-passport  Just in case something happens to you passport, you will want to have copies, it’s a bail out people… do it.  Pack one in your travel bag and leave the second copy at home if it needs to be sent to you.


If you wake at dawn, this is such a magical hour.  You will find coffee, tea and nibbles waiting for you where we dine for breakfast.    Sidnar is the main man on the grounds who is up and ready to take you bird watching drpghrb4si7af9kenlu51gskhmzjneg39t0nj4tyrkaand sloth hunting (this is free). Yup the cutest animals are just  chilling in the trees above your head. The photo on the right is a candid shot of Sara and Connie bird watching (photo by Leslie Satterfield).   Sidnar will take you on a full tour of the plant and wildlife  that is flourishing all around you, at this eco friendly lodge.yup-mvdmesch5h2kwfqiimoovzq2qbtw_yefh297pqk

Do you enjoy horse back riding??  at dawn on the beach!?  Talk about one of the best experiences.   I do believe the cost is $60, and it is amazing.   If you are ready to let your hair down and gallop on the beach at dawn … there ya go!  I have to say that I loved this experience I picked the stud of the pack of course.  The white stallion and this horse was  WILD.  He needed to be ahead of the other horses and he was ready to give me a run for my money.  I’ve been bucked off of serval horses, so I had a panic attack and got off very quickly.  It was good laugh. So choose your horse wisely please. bkup40pdui4ecqxbgklalc-cpqwvqevlsqx9-wnezv8


unnamed-7Renee took over and she handled him like the champion that she is.  I snapped this photo of her while riding him. SO AWESOME !

Iguana Lodge has paddle boards and boogie boards for you to use.  Just  don’t pull a Brandon and catch a wave and launch your ass 30ft into the air and come crashing down on the shore smashing  your shoulder.  My camera is never around when I need it!


It is a tradition of mine, to read tarot for guests on retreat.  This year I would like to offer everyone a free 10-15 minute reading  as a THANK YOU for making this retreat a unnamed-10reality.  If you would like to book a longer session to gain perspective and insight on the new year, there will be a sign up going around.  One hour readings are $65 and half hour is $45.

James is also excited to offer  free 10-15 minute private meditation session for any retreat participants.  unnamed-1Private hour long yoga sessions with James can be scheduled during the retreat for $55.  James is trained in yin yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa yoga, and power yoga (including inversion postures: head stands, forearm stands and handstands).

 So lets talk about the awesome staff and housekeeping, that will be making our retreat in paradise truly sublime.  It is custom  to tip in one lump sum at the end of our stay.  So when you order extras, (drink etc.) it will be charged to your room or you can pay for it on the spot.  Feel free to tip, yet keep in mind we like to collect what ever you would like to donate at the end of our stay to say “thank you” the staff at Iguana Lodge.  The sum in divided up between staff members and they really appreciate this.
Well that about sums it up, see you soon in Costa Rica for the first full moon of the new year.  Happy warm holidays!  Let’s go soak up the sun and moon rays in paradise.
much love,